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Turn more visitors into leads with world-first gamified pop-up that converts above 9%

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Stop losing money on traffic that doesn’t convert at first interaction!

Majority of your visitors will not buy when they first visit your store. If you let them leave without a way to contact, they are lost for you forever.

Pop-ups are a great way to get email or phone number from users that don’t buy right away, which give you an excellent opporunity to sell them later on.

“I know this will sound crazy, but, Wheelio is why my brand is where it is and many many of the other stores I have managed, consulted for, etc. WHEELIO HAS CONSISTENTLY for quite some time increased conversion rates by over 1-2%! ... seriously. Get this application, thank me later :)! — Darien Heydar, Alphatox Premium Fitness Teas 5 star customer   verified buyer wheelio

The old boring & annoying way

When a visitor is confronted with an ordinary “10% off “pop-up window, he doesnt feel like he really won something so his willingness to give you an email is extremely low.

Even if the user gives you an email and gets the coupon code, he doesn’t see much value in it, since he knows everyone is getting one of them. That results in almost-zero coupon conversion rates.

The engaging & entertaining way

When a visitor is confronted with Wheelio, he feels like there is genuine chance that he could win big, so he is far more likely to give you an email.

Once he “wins” the coupon code, the percieved value of the coupon in users mind is multiplied and the coupon conversion rates skyrockets.


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“The value we see in Wheelio goes beyond the first spin. With all emails going into our Klaviyo flows, we see conversions well beyond the customer’s first visit to the site.” — Ben Lebowitz, CEO of West & Willow 5 star customer

96.665 Satisfied eCommerce specialists already collected
over 40 million emails with Wheelio. Join them today!

7 days risk-free trial   ·   5 stars satisifed customers 420+ 5 star reviews   ·   Trusted by 96.000+ stores

Engage more visitors with three different kind of gamifications



Wheelio is world-first gamified pop-up and market leader since 2017. Change up your active promotions from time to time, to get the best out of your visitors over time.


Change up your active promotions from time to time. Slot machine “Rollie” will make your users smile while they feel the positive winning vibes.


People really love scratch cards in real life, they like the feeling of something hidden underneath the silver field.

Other features that make us stand out and pop

Advanced Triggers

We work daily to improve and invent new ways of triggering our opt-ins and we offer unique types of triggers that improve your conversion rates.

SMS, Messenger & Push Notifications

Wheelio can collect all kind of leads, with the help of our integration partners. SMS Bump, Postscript, Recart, PushOwl, Klaviyo, to name a few.

Email Validation & Duplicate Prevention

You can use our email validation feature, that uses outside service to validate each email and helps you keep a nice clean list and avoid sandbox issues.

Coupon Injection

The only popup app that can inject discounts directly into the Shopify checkout, meaning your customer doesn't have to do anything and keep the conversion rate higher.

Dynamic Coupons

We can automatically create discounts for each unique visitor and track every sale. So you know how much Wheelio helps you with your revenue and have totally safe discount generation.

GDPR Compliance & TCPA

Every popup you create can be GDPR compliant and if you chose to collect SMS leads, it can be TCPA compliant as well.

Fully Customizable

WIth the use of our admin area, you can change pretty much anything you wish. Not just change it, but change it fast and easy, since we worked really hard with our admin UI / UX.

Fully Mobile Responsive

The majority of traffic is coming from mobile devices and our app is fully optimized to handle that kind of usage. We adapt on a weekly basis, since the changes are constant.

Speed Optimized

Your site loading speed is crucial and can make a huge impact on your rankings. We are aware and our developer team is always looking for new ways of optimizing our loading speeds and our impact.

Too many features to name here

You simply have to try out our app to see the scale of features and what can you do with this powerful weapon of ecommerce. The only limitation is your knowledge.

“Really nice app. It has collected a lot of fresh leads for me. It is easy to setup - and I have tested a lot of different wheel of fortune and other gamification apps on the Shopify App Store, and this is the best! Their support is really great. Thanks for this great app! — Klædeskabet, Shopify store 5 star customer   verified buyer wheelio

Easy-to-use dashboard that lets you create, edit and monitor your pop-ups

  • icoStep 1: Create

    Create your new campaign, select gamification, set scheduling, when and where you want to show your pop-up and so on.

  • ico Step 2: Customize

    Customize it’s appearance based on the purpose of the capmaign or choose one of the dozen pre-defined templates.

  • ico Step 3: Monitor

    Monitor your campaigns, see additional generated revenue, conversion rates, number of collected emails and more.

Close Me!
ico Step 1: Create

Create your new campaign, select gamification, set scheduling, when and where you want to show your pop-up and so on.

“In the three years that I have had Wheelio, we have collected 54,106 emails resulting in tens of thousands of dollars of sales. For us, 11% of everyone who has ever seen the Wheelio pop up gives us their email! — Pixel Empire, CEO of 4 salon 5 star customer   verified buyer wheelio

But why I should use a gamified pop-up over an old-school pop-up?

Pop-up’s only job is to get user’s attention. However users started developing pop-up blindness, so you need to surprise them with something different, so they don’t start looking for the close button right away.

Integrate with all major ecommerce and email marketing software

Wheelio works with every major ecommerce and website platform. Plus, it integrates with every major email service provider, too!

Fair pricing - pay as you grow

Only pay as much as you spend – impressions wise on monthly basis.
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  • 60k
  • 100k
  • 250k
  • 500k
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7 days risk-free trial   ·   5 stars satisifed customers   420+ 5 star reviews   ·   Trusted by 96.000+ stores