See how West & Willow generated 39K leads and $195k in revenue in just one month →

“The value we see in Wheelio goes beyond the first spin. With all emails going into our Klaviyo flows, we see conversions well beyond the customer’s first visit to the site.” — Ben Lebowitz, CEO of West & Willow 5 star customer

Who is West and Willow?

West & Willow is a passionate and loving pet portraits brand dedicated to creating modern portraits of your pets.

Their philosophy is to offer simple and clean designs with a few simple backgrounds and frame options to easily blend in with your home decor (but your pet portrait will surely stand out anyway).

They are a hard-working team based in New York City and ship to the US, Australia, Canada, UK and most European countries.

Wheelio & West and Willow

The three big W.

Sounds like a win to me.

Joke aside, let’s see how West and Willow used Wheelio to grow their email list, accelerated sales with Wheelio discounts on the frontend and on the backend and saved quite a bit of money by doing so.

Let’s start with the last sentence, so you can fully understand why Wheelio works so well. Imagine you are spending 1000$ daily on Facebook and that you advertising ROI is positive and you are making profit.

Not all visitors are buying on the first try and if you manage to get a lead out of them before they are gone forever, well you may get a second chance to convert them later on.

Now you probably understand what it means you save money with Wheelio, since the investment you made into advertising doesn’t go into nothing, but you can still convince the visitors to buy something from you.

How did West & Willow style Wheelio:

It is quite important to style Wheelio to suit your brand colors and overall brand feel & communication tone, since you don’t want the pop-up (any pop-up) to look like a spam window you got from a shady site. West & Willow did a great job with their styling and the overall look totally looks like their styling.

Lets go a bit more in detail:

Communication on the pop-up itself is also really important. W&W communicates that you can with a surprise offer up to 50% off and you can clearly see the discount on the wheel itself. Why is that important you say? Well the users subconscious tells them they have a chance to win big discounts, up to 50% and they are more eager to play, since they see it being represented on the wheel when they look.

They also did a great job with the CTA (Call to action) button, saying REVEAL MY OFFER, which is way better than just “SPIN” since it adds a bit of mystique to the offer, making it a bit more appealing.

This may seem like small things, but on the bigger scale of things, they really matter and have a huge impact on your bottom line.

What are the actual results generated?

We are in ecommerce, if we don’t have numbers, we don’t have anything.

The last 30 days of West & Willow was awesome.
In 30 days they have the following stats:

They have shown Wheelio 209136 times.
40511 people chose to spin the wheel.
They have collected 38697 unique leads which they can use for after sales.
The current conversion rate is at a staggering 19%. Keep in mind that the industry standard is around 2%.

Wheelio creates dynamic discounts, so you can track the revenue generated with Wheelio discounts and the 30 day discount value for West and Willow was:


Yeah, 195K$ in 30 days, with the help of Wheelio discounts. Sounds amazing, right…
Keep in mind, this is a number that is really high and not achievable just like that. It demands a lot of work on your ecommerce brand and quite a bit of knowledge, Wheelio just helps to nudge it in the right direction.

But you don’t have to trust me, you can hear what does Ben Lebowitz say about Wheelio (He is the CEO of West & Willow):

“Wheelio is an important part of our user journey. The gamified pop-up experience converts at a higher rate than traditional email sign up strategies we’ve tested and the countdown timer puts scarcity on the code they receive. The value we see in Wheelio goes beyond the first spin. With all emails going into our Klaviyo flows, we see conversions well beyond the customer’s first visit to the site.”

Moving forward:

Since Wheelio has more than one gamification feature, they can continue to change the gamifications and everything connected to the actual offers and support big lead generation and discount campaigns.

They can also switch up the lead generation type and go for email + messenger, email + sms, just sms or just messenger. Do not forget about our new feature where you can also connect push notifications and use our integration partner PushOwl to make push notification magic.

The trick is to switch things a bit every now and then and test out different aspects. We are also constantly evolving and improving, so we can together thrive in the future of ecommerce.